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Similarly to a normal photography session an adventure session is just a bit longer, with unlimited outfit changes and a greater variety of backgrounds throughout the session. Our time together will range from 1.5 - 2 hours. We will stay at one general location but explore within that location to provide different scenery for your images. Couples will often have tons of beautiful photos but they are all in the same outfit and have the same background. Unlimited outfit changes allows us to provide a wealth of images with a variety of everything for our couples to print, post, and share for years to come. 


Lets talk beach!

The beach will forever be our first love. We have been doing adventure sessions along the coast since we started. Each beach is different and beautiful in its own way. We have scouted countless beaches along the coast of California so we can help narrow down some options for you to pick from. Grab your person, shoot us an email & lets go on an adventure. 

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Head to the mountains

If the mountains are more your style, we can grab our hiking boots, fill our hydro's, and jump in the truck. From the fresh air, tall trees, and winding roads, the mountains have a certain something that remind us just how lucky we are to live in California. Tall grass, big trees, beautiful lakes and fun times. If you want the mountains, we are ready!

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Something different? let's talk!

We are always up for new ideas and visions that our clients can bring to the table. Often times that's just how these new adventure sessions start off.  A client will say I want to adventure in an area like _____ & then we go from there and start planning and scouting locations. If you have an idea, we are here to explore and adventure with you to capture your vision.